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hanchwife's 2005 Nissan Altima

Daily Driver
Complete with TWO child restraint car seats, I prefer the nickname \"Hot Momma\" instead of soccer mom.
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Sand/Brandywine 2005 Nissan Altima   (find similar)

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Shaved license plate holder. Two tone paint: Factory Coral Sand with Brandywine Kandy and BMW Black Pearl stripe. Ghosted in tribal flames laid out by hand down both sides. Custom painted tail lights.





Hubby keeps trying to talk me into wheels. I keep finding other ways to spend the money!


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Fort Hood Auto Paint & Body


As a child, I accepted Jesus as my savior. Then, I forgot. At the age of 28, I hit rock bottom in regards to this life. One day I was eight months pregnant and the next day I was planning a funeral for my baby. During that very difficult time, my God held me close because He had never let me go. Four years later, I am the proud mother of two precious children and I thank my God daily for the blessings He gives me that I don't deserve. For all the pain and suffering we endure on this side of heaven, it's nothing compared to the pain and sorrow He accepted for our salvation.


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  1. Fito 03.10.11 @ 11:26 pm |

    um me and my dad talked and he said we couldnt make it this meeting but we will goto the next one so we can ask off that day.. so may God bless yalls meeting hope to see yall soon.

  2. Fito 03.10.11 @ 11:17 pm |

    umm i will have to see on that meeting but i would like to be a part of a chapter i have a great passion for cars... i want to learn everything about them but i also want to worship God while i do ... use my car as a tool of evangilizing to other non-believers.

  3. hanchwife 02.28.10 @ 4:25 pm |

    Praising Jesus that my kids were not with me.  Please pray for God's plan to be fufilled, whatever it is.

  4. Kim 11.16.09 @ 6:31 pm |

    Welcome to Holyrollerz Bonnie!! It was so nice to meet you this past weekend! Congratulations on the start of the Killeen Chapter!! The car show you guys put on was AMAZING!! May God Bless You Always!!


    ~ Kim Wood ~ First Lady of Holyrollerz!