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hanya arashi's 2003 ford mustang

the stangs the thang
its my family car .. but will be doing some mods to it..
  • showing off the mustangs new tat.. hah
  • my little girl sporting my stang and rx7 in the back.  so cute.. 
oh and the cars are nice too hah
  • my lovely mustang about a year ago at a lot.   needs a wash.

Vehicle Make & Model

black 2003 ford mustang   (find similar)

Engine Mods

cold air intake forgot the brand.. will post when i find it out lol..

Performace Stats Performance Calculator

HP: 190 @ 5,250 rpm  
Torque: 220 ft/lbs@ 2,750 rpm

Weight: 1,412 lbs

Quarter Mile


just my HolyRollerz decal on the top back windshild and the 3 crosses at the bottem of it. also on the drivers side back window i have the decal.... new added i have the offbrand flowmaster muffler..dont rememver the name. hah..


so far just the car seat where my little angel sits... yea she is a dadys girl hah...



cold air intake.. dont remember the brand right now



Audio & Video

Future Mods

all this stuff is from andys motor sports... this is the few things i want to get from them.. when i can get the cash...
vision Paintable Wings - Stalker vision auto

Extreme Dimensions Vader Body Kit - FULL KIT

Glide Vertical Doors - Universal (Weld-On)
Z3 (Front)fenders

Tradesonic Cold Air Intake

Matrix Tail Lights - Chrome

Awards & trophies



god has given me a new view on life.. my little girl is growing up and going to church.. just watching her makes me know that god has blessed me...

never give up on the lord he wont give up on you..

and for those who dont beleive in the lord... its sad cause he beleives in you.....

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Public Comments

  1. hanya arashi 07.15.11 @ 9:20 am |

    we live in prattville so its an hour and 1 half from fort rucker and around 2 hours from ejrex.. but will be glad to have you guys up for a cookout sometime..

  2. EJRex 06.17.11 @ 1:53 pm |

    Might be interested in a Bama chapter too. LMK what's goin on.

  3. v-dub-edition 06.14.11 @ 9:40 pm |

    Let me know when get started on the alabama chapter.I hope you are not far from the Fort Rucker area.

  4. sayuri arashi 01.22.11 @ 5:21 pm |


  5. MegadethFan2010 09.06.10 @ 10:52 am |

    Just got on and checked my stuff... you're starting an alabama chapter?