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holy_crx's 2000 Honda Accord Coupe

Silver Surfer
2000 Honda Accord LX Coupe
  • Most recent up to date photo of my baby..... still rolling in flatt black. But still looking nice. Photo was taken atop the parking deck at cumberland mall....... I have a bunch more but they are all
  • 1st of many.
  • So pretty... oh yeah the trophy is nice too!!
  • First place baby! Under construction class!!
  • This picture was taken before my baby was running, now she looks alot different and is running great!

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Silver 2000 Honda Accord Coupe   (find similar)

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HP: 150 bhp   
Torque: 156 ft/lbs

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Before I joined this club a friend of mine once asked me did I have Jesus in my life, I looked at him and said HUH??? At that time I had no idea what he meant by that. So he sat me down one day and told me about how happy he has been ever since he welcomed jesus into his life. Well he then asked me if I would like to have that same joy as he did, at first I was a hard head and said, naw man im cool besides Im happy as I am. Boy was I wrong, About a month after I said that I started to think, am I really happy, or am I hiding my true feelings. Well about a week after that I went back to Chris and told him I wanted Jesus In my life and asked him what must I do to bring jesus to me, He told me ' nothing, nothing except to accept the fact that jesus died on the cross for me and believe in him, and accept his blessing. So we sat there for a few minutes talking about that, Well about a week after that we were driving down the street and I said to him that I wanted Jesus in my life. So he pulled over into a parking lot and said a prayer, telling jesus that I was ready to start my walk with Christ. Ever since then I have felt a presents in my life that I had never felt before. Before I accepted Jesus into my life I felt as if there was something missing, Like if you get a Turbo and no inter cooler!!!!! It just doesn't work, Like my life it just wasn't working right. ( maybe not the best comparison but you get the point). But ever since Chris said that prayer for me I have felt a presents in my life like never before. Basically before I met Chris and he introduced me to Christ I was an empty shell, now that I have Christ in my life I'm finally whole.



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Public Comments

  1. Race4Christ 06.07.12 @ 1:35 am |

    Nice car bro, good to see a fellow rexer on here, I like the pic it in front of the skyscraper with the green. Is that photo shopped?

  2. SIVICWORLD 07.01.10 @ 11:01 am |

    hey andrew,

    how are you? we need to chiill sometime. you coming sept 19,20 to show?

  3. LuvsGod2004 12.30.08 @ 8:40 pm |

    I love your testimony! It's so awesome to see God work through others. If we are to hard headed to accept him on our own, he sends someone to help soften us up! Thanks for sharing!

  4. brian 08.20.07 @ 3:11 pm |

    good job on bible study. Thanks for stepping up to the plate and contributing.