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holypoet's 2007 Hynudai Sonata

My New Whip
  • Whassup this the Holypoet and will have some pics up soon! I have to wash my whips frist before I show them off. Peace and God Bless that just me that not my car in the background. I wish it was but i

Vehicle Make & Model

Blue 2007 Hynudai Sonata   (find similar)

Engine Mods

Performace Stats Performance Calculator

Quarter Mile







Audio & Video

JVC kw-v500 and I got more to come soon.

Future Mods

Awards & trophies



The lord save me and deliver me from pron ,sleepy around, smoking,drinking and going to the Club. Now I been married go on 15yrs and God help me and my marriage. I thank God for the prayer and teaching threw my Overseer and Pastor Mamie Thomas.


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Public Comments

  1. holypoet 04.11.11 @ 6:08 pm |

    Man I still working on it pray for me lol!

  2. holypoet 12.27.09 @ 6:12 pm |

    Whassup HRC it been a while but I been good I'm working a new ride. It's coming soon

  3. Skiendog 08.05.09 @ 10:10 pm |

    hey john!  sorry-- i guess i dont check my profile comments that often, but i appreciate it!! 

  4. brian 06.10.08 @ 3:50 pm |

    hey John, I shipped your membership card and shirt today.  Sorry for the delay.  You should also receive your decal soon.

  5. bbwolf 04.20.08 @ 9:47 am |

    Welcome to the family. Any questions, just ask any member here, we will be glad to help.

  6. luvsgod2004 04.18.08 @ 2:17 pm |

    Hey John! Have any pics of your ride? I would love to see them! God Bless, ~Kelly~

  7. Kim 04.18.08 @ 8:08 am |

    Welcome to HRC3! We hope you enjoy your time with us! We look forward to seeing you on the forums and getting to know you.

    Here is a link to the forums:

    If you need anything, dont hesitate to send me a PM.

    Here are some more helpful links:
    Learn more about HRC3 ministry:
    Also, we would love for you to consider applying for membership!

    God Bless