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Public Comments

  1. ej1gsr 07.04.10 @ 11:42 pm |

    hey bro i see u live in jersey ...text me sometime maybe we can fellowship and talk cars..908 884-1862..nice tegg too

  2. StangUp 01.12.09 @ 9:22 pm |

    Hello my brother!  I havn't been on here in awhile due to my travel and current employment overseas.  Pray all is well with you all, and Yahweh bless!

  3. brian 01.05.09 @ 9:40 am |

    when you gonna come visit again man?  Hopefull NOPI will be back to normal this year.  We'd love to have you down again.

  4. midnite 05.02.08 @ 10:34 am |

    Hey Evan thanks for the welcome its nice to meet a fellow NJ bro- hope we can get to chat it up some more- be blessed brother!

  5. GodsGirlz13 03.31.08 @ 1:22 pm |

    Thanx Evan for welcoming me, just noticed the bottom stuff was posts to ub blessed 2

  6. jester-4-jesus 03.30.08 @ 9:07 am |

    Hey thanx for the comment on my profile...

  7. mel-low 03.27.08 @ 12:56 pm |

    Thanks for the welcome Evan. I appreciate the welcome and the hospitality. BTW, nice car. Take care, and God bless.

  8. johnclarkcook 03.23.08 @ 7:43 pm |

    Integra Evan, Thanks a lot for welcoming me, it means much to me. I will be sure to check out the fourms and see what all is going on. Thank you again, John Happy Easter!!!

  9. stangup 03.22.08 @ 2:18 pm |

    Have a Blessed Easter weekend!

  10. EM2_Kid 03.18.08 @ 6:59 pm |

    Hey, thanks. This is really crazy. Alot different. Not a big fan of forums but I think I'm here to stay. Still trying to figure everything out. Love the Teg!