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james's 2005 Acura TL

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Acura TL

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black 2005 Acura TL   (find similar)

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HP: 270 bhp @ 6,200 rpm  
Torque: 238 ft/lbs@ 5,000 rpm

Weight: 3575lb lbs

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stock 17" alloys



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Finally, the wait is over!


Born in 1979 in Georgia, I grew up in the small town of Hampton. I know what you’re thinking, “What a redneck,” and it’s true, we had Atlanta Motor Speedway only 5 miles away from our house. We could hear the races on Sundays even with the television turned down. A wonderful family adopted me. I don’t know the circumstances of why my biological family couldn’t keep me, but God had a purpose. My best friend was Adam Y. and last I saw in a newspaper article was playing tennis. My first trial with death was a friend of mine named Charles M. He was hit by a car while I was still young and in elementary school by a drunk driver as he was walking to school and died on the scene.
Through many trials and tribulations; a chest cyst and surgery, a knee cyst, a knee surgery, a severe ankle sprain, God has graced me with strength, wisdom and an undying determination to teach youth. Not only has He blessed me with a great family through the miracle of adoption in 1979, but He has graced me with many talents, including music which I get from my parents, but also small things like the ability and desire to listen and read others. I tend to be very shy and quiet around others, but as was stated by Jet Li once, “It’s the quiet people that get more done, they don’t waste time talking.”
I moved to Marietta South Carolina when I was in the 4th grade due to my dad being transferred with Delta Airlines to Greenville/Spartanburg. Back then I hated it because where we found a house was in the mountains so far away from me being able to have close relationships with friends, but this also turned into me being a strong individual and self-reliant.
I have learned a lot about myself the past years. I enjoy working with kids as well as the public. I recently have gotten promoted to department manager and from what I can tell through the grape vine, the higher up is extremely pleased with their gamble of hiring/promoting someone with such little schooling and experience in management. Ironically, I felt a late call in life to return to school in where I returned to North Greenville University where I currently study youth ministry and a minor in mass communication.
My goals in life are to become a great husband, father and minister and one day open my own automotive shop to employ not only kids, but undergraduates to help them get their foot in the door of today’s industries.

After all the trials I have had, from mental, physical injuries, and on October 22, 2010, our family loosing our house, I am still smiling because I KNOW that God has a plan. It was ironic, because when I came back to NGU, before I ever made up my mind, I told one of my youth that if I become a youth pastor, I would be willing to give up everything for the glory of God. Well, guess what, other than the stuff I had with me at school in class that day, clothes, my car, I have given everything up and I am still smiling. So what is left to say but....."Satan! WHAT ELSE YOU GOT!?" The Lord is my rock, my strength, my joy, no matter what. Sure we have times where we say, "Why me?" but its the fact that we will be persecuted for serving that keeps me going, because I know I am serving the Lord properly and following in His footsteps. The Bible never said the life of a Christian would be easy, and now I truly understand what it means to "drop everything, take up your cross and go."

God Blesses All,
Chris James Embry aka “Shaggy”


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  1. Godz Garage 02.14.11 @ 8:58 am |

    Ay,Bro.Godz Garage is prayin for you.Hope your needz are met.God Speed.Amen.

  2. warrior777 02.08.11 @ 11:52 am |

    Bro I love your awesome strong testimony ..May I say welcome to HRC3 My name's Garrick