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jarleifv's 2015 Mercedes B class electric drive

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White 2015 Mercedes B class electric drive   (find similar)

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HP: 180 bhp   

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Proverbs 16, 3
Commit thy works unto the LORD, and thy thoughts shall be established.

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  1. brian 01.02.09 @ 2:43 pm |

    Hey Bro, i'm in the Pontiac family now as well. check out my profile.

  2. lowridercapri 09.15.07 @ 4:44 pm |

    Hi bro, unfortunatly I wont be at the Cloumbus car show,normally on this sunday every year I go to a all ford show in Burch run,however this year I was asked to work at work for 4 hours. So I am going to go down there with my Wrangler which I wont enter in the all ford show(bummer). Some of my friends are going to take thier rides there like uaual, I am going to take Bible tracks however and hand them out. I want to thank you again for pointing me to Holy Rollerz so hehehe, Thank you.

  3. lowridercapri 09.14.07 @ 3:39 pm |

    Hello J,Gary here, just wanted to say thank you for pointing me to Holy Rollerz car club, I joined and posted a few pictures. It sure was a big blessing for to have met you at Birney park car show. I sure would like to get together and do some shows with you, perhaps together we can make a bigger impact for Christ. Who knows maybe some day there will be a Holy Rollerz chapter here in mid Michigan.God bless you Brother.