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jesusbeats's 1994 dodge b150-van


Vehicle Make & Model

green 1994 dodge b150-van   (find similar)

Engine Mods

Performace Stats Performance Calculator

Weight: heavy lbs

Quarter Mile


the mean green machine


gray stoned painted interior, blue street glow lights on wall and in box.


stock soon to be upgraded.


flow master exhast system


stock crome rims shiny


31'' super swompers

Audio & Video

16 kicker cvr 12s PORTED for bass, , 2 dayton 6 1/2s, 2 slimillium super tweeter 350s,2 slimilLIUM for mid bass, 1power acotic1500 2 POWERBASS 8000 d MONOBLOCK 4000 RMS for bass, 2 power acostic 620 for mids and highs, power acostic playing dvd for stero, knetic 2400 bat 1800 kintec bat....under the hood we have 1110 cranking amp be contuned.

Future Mods

im still dreaming...................................................

Awards & trophies

3 bass boxing first place trophies, music trophies, 2 db drag racing first place, 2 first place iasca idbl trophies 4 sec place medols for db drag 1 3rd place extrem spl trophie 1 3rd place idbl tropie


i can do all things thue christ who gives me strenth


where do i make it clean, we will go with brain sugary on july 28th 07 i had a brain bleed went to hospital and i passed out woke up to hellicopter blades taking me to lakeland. woke up 16hours later. my wife handed me a book gods word for dads. a pencostal preacher from bartow, was there and prayed for me it was like all my mental pictures of everything bad was gone. god gave me a new life in jesus name. my wife had to bath me,shave me. she took care of me i was helpless couldnt see clearly, doctors told me that i would never be able to porform the jobs that i once pormormed to file for social security. i got down on my hands and knees and hands and said god if your real i need a miracle make me a man again. so i can provide for my family.. and the word says what so ever you shall ask in my name that i will do and he healed my body and blessed me with the mean green machine. my minstry on wheels.

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  1. jesusbeats 05.29.11 @ 3:44 pm |

    IM BACK!