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jgruggs's 03 Mustang Cobra Vert

03 Mustang Cobra Vert
  • Pic of motor 2 years ago before a lot of mods added

Vehicle Make & Model

Redfire tan top 03 Mustang Cobra Vert   (find similar)

Engine Mods

Whew where to begin
Ported blower w/ 2.93 pulley
4lb. lower
K&N cold air intake
2400 MAF
B.F. Idlers & snub pulley
Cooling Head Mod
H.M. oil catch can (off intake)
Magnaflow X-pipe w/ catbacks
M&M Sub-frame connectors
B.F. IRS Brace
Spec Stage 3 clutch
Steeda clutch adjuster (firewall)
Steeda Tri-ax shifter
Hurst Line-lock
Drag Radials (Nittos for now but have gone thru M.T'S & BFG'S)
Lite Bar
Lowered little over 2 inches
Lotsa small bling-bling things

Performace Stats Performance Calculator

HP: >500   
Weight: 3780 lbs

Quarter Mile

11.88 sec. @ 119 mph







Audio & Video

Future Mods

About done although I do want the bottom of the inside of the hood painted. And I want an updated time slip. Haven't been to a track since the port and pulley job. Old time slip is with non-ported blower and just 2.8 pulley.

Awards & trophies

Several small town car show trophys...gotta know which shows to enter..HAHAHA. I was suprised at the last show at Kinsel's (Wild Horse Mustang Club) by winning the "Kinsel's Pick Award" Really humbled me



I was a pretty sorry husband and father who did what he wanted , when he wanted and my wife of 11 yrs finally had enough. She left with my 2 girls and it just about killed me...I thought many times of taking my own life. I was a drunk , didn't start out that way, I knew better, was brought up better, just let it get away from me, take control of me. We went thru a full blown divorce, with me getting the kids on all my off-days. My wife was very good to me in that reguard. As long as I promised not to drink around them. I knew I would loose them for good if I did. I asked God to help me with my addiction. I was lost at the time , but He was dealing with me thru a lot of good Christian friends at work. I started taking my girls to a good Bible believing , teaching church when I had them and God kept dealing with me. I knew I needed to accept Jesus' finished work on Calvary. But I thought I had to clean myself up before He would accept me. I talked with my ex-wife (she had been saved at an early age), and somehow she fell back in love with me. We started going to church as a family , although still living apart, and 1 day she said we should remarry. We got remarried and was still going to church when the idea of joining the church came up...she nudged me a little... The next weekend I asked Jesus to be my Savior...that was Dec 7th 1997. Now after 21 yrs of marriage we are best friends. We look at that year apart as just a hiccup, we celibrate our anniversary date as the first time we married. God gave me a love for my wife That I never knew I could have. We do everything together. He has blessed us ....our cups are running over. Just unreal that He would do this for someone like me. We both work in and are very active in our Church. We can do ALL things through Christ Jesus our Lord. Judy and I like to travel around a lot in our car , usually with the top down...It's our toy, our hobby, and I am blessed to be able to do everything with her. We know what God did for our family and try to speak to others that are going thru difficult times in thier marriage. I am living proof of a loving and caring God.


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  1. silvrbreez 07.03.08 @ 8:10 am |

    Great testimony!  Looking forward to meeting.

  2. sims828 07.01.08 @ 6:50 pm |

    Alright, we got some new blood in the Beaumont Crew..............

  3. Kim 06.30.08 @ 2:14 pm |

    Welcome to HRC3! We hope you enjoy your time with us! We look forward to seeing you on the forums and getting to know you.

    Here is a link to the forums:

    If you need anything, dont hesitate to send me a PM.

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    God Bless