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jimandsharynp's 1954 Ford Skyliner

1954 Ford Crestline Skyliner
First production car to have anything but a steel or cloth roof. The great-great-grandfather of all the sunroof cars of today. First overhead valve engine for Ford. First balljoint suspension for Ford.

Vehicle Make & Model

Cream over Blue 1954 Ford Skyliner   (find similar)

Engine Mods

1955 192cid Ford engine with original 1954 transmission with overdrive (manual shift)

Performace Stats Performance Calculator

Quarter Mile


Slightly lowered in the rear but no other exterior mods


Blue and White interior but not original


No mods but just rebuilt


Two Smitty mufflers for that cool 50s sound




original wide whitewalls

Audio & Video

original radio

Future Mods

rechroming a few pieces

Awards & trophies

Winner of 2008 Eustis Car Show and many cruise and other show trophies



Saved by the grace of God and the prayers of my beloved mother's prayers. My testamony is on my web page


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Public Comments

  1. Keith 10.07.09 @ 8:03 pm |

    I checked out your page. Awesome testimony. Nice slide show on the car as well.

  2. Keith 10.07.09 @ 7:51 pm |

    Welcome from Raleigh NC. Nice ride! Thanks for posting the pic's. It looks great.

  3. Kim 10.06.09 @ 3:56 pm |

    You can change your Avitar by going to the FORUMS, log in if you are not already, go to your "User Control Panel" and change your image. It will show in the forums and on your main site profile. Also, to see where the Orlando Chapter is meeting or what events they are attending, you may select their chapter section in the Forums or on the main site, go to their chapter page and see theie events section. Hope this helps, if not please let me know!


  4. jimandsharynp 10.06.09 @ 3:50 pm |

    Does each area (group, club) have meetings?  If so, where does the Orlando Florida group meet and when?  Thanks in advance for your response.  God Bless!!

  5. Kim 10.06.09 @ 3:26 pm |

    Welcome to HRC3! We hope you enjoy your time with us! We look forward to getting to know you and seeing you on the forums. If you need anything, or have a question, Please send me a PM!

    God Bless  ~ Kim Wood - HRC3 First Lady