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johnbates's 2007 Toyota Yaris

the y-bot
my first car. my only car. my yaris.

Vehicle Make & Model

Silver 2007 Toyota Yaris   (find similar)

Engine Mods

k&n short ram intake

Performace Stats Performance Calculator

Weight: 2100 lbs

Quarter Mile


10000k hid headlights


blue overhead lights
blue hot-rod shift knob


tein lowering springs


n1 custom performance catback exhaust


17' custom padline alloy rims



Audio & Video

Future Mods

complete interior lighting
10 in. sub w/ audio system

Awards & trophies



i was raised in the church ever since i was born and i just kind of went along with it. my parents got divorced around the time i was in first grade, but i still went along with the "church thing" until i hit about the 5th grade when i started to question things and broke apart from God until i could find some answers. i was the typical story of "if God were real, He wouldn't have divorced my parents, etc." then i later decided that it was simply beneficial for one t be a Christian because if i were to remain an atheist and i was wrong it would mean hell whereas being a Christian could result in far greater. so i became a Christian for the sole means of bettering my situation; the only problem with that is that i had no faith, i just couldn't find it. not to long after that, however, a close friend commited suicide and for the first time i could really feel the Lord's embrace. i never found faith, it found me, and i knew that God had the situation in His control. that was about 6 years ago and i've been on fire for God ever since.


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