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kg77's 2001 Ford F-150 (S-Crew)

2001 Ford F-150 (S-Crew)
  • My first set of BooM!!!   installing my first pair of 12
  • My first truck show... First place- Best Truck.

Vehicle Make & Model

Black 2001 Ford F-150 (S-Crew)   (find similar)

Engine Mods

K&N Intake

Performace Stats Performance Calculator

Quarter Mile


-20" Niche wheels
-Cobra snake eye cowl hood




-Lowered Springs



20 Inch Niche Wheels


Kumho Tires

Audio & Video

-2 12" Fosgate Subs
-1000 watt Pioneer Amp (Subs)
-450 watt Fosgate Amp (Doors)
-Kenwood MP3 player
-2 pairs Kenwood 5x7's

Future Mods

Awards & trophies

-Best Truck...White County (Arkansas)
-Best Truck...Searcy (Arkansas)



I graduated high school in 2005. My grades were very poor. I was receiving scholarship offers from A&M, Texas Tech, Hawaii, Texas, and many other Division 1 and smaller schools. The problem is I was lazy, and I just got by, because I was a big part of the program.
To slim the story up, I took a scholarship offer to Harding University, a Christian school in Searcy, Arkansas. The reason I was able to even get into Harding on a football scholarship was because the coach cut me a huge deal. The first three weeks before school started were the most intense practices I had ever experienced. Three practices a day, for two and a half hours at a time. I had a problem though; I just couldn't stand out like I had in high school. I had lost over 50 pounds before I came to Harding. I had really done nothing to prepare for the season, I was at 6'1 255lbs. The smallest lineman on the team.

I struggled a lot the first weeks but It completely changed during the first week of school. It was a walk through practice, the running back tripped over the turf, fell right on the side of my knee, POP!!!. It was a torn MCL with some other damage. My school was actually going very decent in the first week until this happened. After my knee, school continued to drop every week. I didn't mention, that I also had a girlfriend (who lived in Dallas) who I met through my room mate, and I?ll just say she wasn't the most Christian type of girl, and neither was I.

My head was above water just barely in school. My girlfriend at the time, well she was having a lot of "friends" over, when I was away at school. I was going home for the weekend to watch A&M play so I decided to stop by to see her. I grab my keys, open the door, walk back to the bedroom, to find her and her "friend". I was simply crushed, and as I mentioned before, I wasn't on speaking terms with God.
The same night instead of going home, we decided to party... forget about school and football... just get trashed. I had never smoked marijuana before or been fully drunk. That night nothing mattered..... and stupid me, I met another girl who was no diffrent than the one before.

I?m going to fast forward to the next semester. I?m on academic probation, still with the same girl from the party, and now trying new drugs. I go to football practice just so I dont get yelled at. I hardly go to class, because I?m A) hung over, B) Sleeping or my favorite, C) Lazy . I start contemplating suicide, every single day... Not to mention over spring break I find out my girlfriend is pregnant by 3 months. My life seems pointless, still I wont speak to God and ask for his help. It was around April I get a call from my girlfriend, she tells me that there are complications with the baby. I get on my knees and beg God to help her, help me. Anything he can do , I begged him for hours.... At 3 A.M. she calls to tell me she had lost the baby. I blamed God for everything, I told God it was a childish punishment that he had given me. I told God if he wants to take a life from me, then I wont have anything to do with him ever again.
It seems like the past year happened so fast, I was kicked out of school, lost my scholarship, my girlfriend had cheated on me and left for another guy.... And did I mention my addiction to drugs.

I think alot of times we look at are life and we try to smile at the good time, the great time. What I felt I had in my life were the bad times. I grabbed a stack of pills and swallowed them down as fast as I could... with tears rolling down my face, it was time to end my life. The next thing I remember Im heading towards the hospital... I?m actually perfectly fine. I check into a depression clinic. I begged my parents not to take me, I was scared to be frowned upon. I took the week I was in the hospital as a motivational gain to re construct my life, and my life with God.

I had met a girl I knew in high school, once I got out, she was what I thought "beneath me" in social classes. Me being the rich white guy, her being the poor girl in high school. She is just completely amazing in every aspect. I joke with her all the time and tell her God brought me a special gift in a small package. She helped me get back into school, where I started taking small hours at the community college. Even though she was Catholic and I had been raised Church of Christ, she helped me learn about God, and how to pray to him.

I had begun watching videos of Ronnie Coleman, mostly how he became a devoted Christian. I had sprung up to 330Lbs. , short of breath every time I walked up the stairs. I have never dieted, or worked out completely hard (I mostly just got by with talent in football). I had been watching videos about the NAFL, a minor league football organization. What is so special about the NAFL, is players still keep NCAA eligibility. All I could say was WOW!!!. I began writing out my goals... I wanted to play Fullback which meant I needed to get down to 240, I also needed to get stronger. I had squatted 450 and benched 350 in high school... But I needed to fully concentrate on shattering my records.

I began in April of 07', before every workout I would kneel by my bench, and pray to God for everything he has giving me, and after every workout. I began weighing 330LBS. my squat was 275LBS. My bench was 165LBS.

Today is July 4th 2007.... The one year Anniversary, of me trying to take my life and pushing God away. Today I have brought God into my life, and I will never push him away. It hurts me to even think that I did that to him. I am off drugs. I stopped smokeing. I don?t drink. I eat healthy, I read the bible, & try learning about Nutrition every day....... I am currently at 289LBS. Squat.. 415LBS.... Bench... 315LBS... I have decided to major in Exercise and Nutrition as well as get a minor in coaching... I want to coach High school football, and hopefully help kids out, before they have to go through my situation. My girlfriend and I are better than ever, going on a year... I thank God for her every day... she helped me through the hard times.

My goal is to play for the NAFL in June of 08'...... And hopefully be able to play for Texas A&M my dream school... after JUCO.

God has given me so much... Everyday that goes by I will work to fulfill my goals because as it says in my favorite scripture PSALM 118:6-7

6 The LORD is with me; I will not be afraid.
What can man do to me?

7 The LORD is with me; he is my helper.
I will look in triumph on my enemies.


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  1. douliss1 05.29.08 @ 4:46 pm |

    Man I tell you what.... That is an amazing testimony. You have gone through in such a short time what it takes most people a lifetime to go through. God said that He would come after us, and in your case he surely did. Praise him for he is good.