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lowridercapri's 1983 Mercury Capri

1983 Mercury Capri
  • My Caliber's back side
  • 2010 Dodge Caliber Rush, Interior
  • 2010 Dodge Caliber Rush, Interior
  • 2010 Dodge Caliber Rush, My New Toy
  • Inside rear cargo area
  • left side interior
  • Driver side

Vehicle Make & Model

sunrise red 1983 Mercury Capri   (find similar)

Engine Mods

302 Ford, .030" over bore with TRW 11:1 forged pistons, ceramic piston rings, Crank was reground to increase stroke by .030", completely balanced rotating assembly.Cylinder Heads are stock modified by larger 2.02, with 8 angle grind intake and 1.730, also 8 angle grind exhaust valves. Cam is a Comp Cam High Energy series 280 degree adv duration. High rise dual plane Weiand intake with a Holly 650 CFM carb. All stainless long tube headers with Mac Exhaust Pro Chamber crossover and Flowmaster 80 series Pro mufflers. I am currently installing a 100hp shot of NOS with a dual purge system.

Performace Stats Performance Calculator

HP: 425 whp @ 6500 rpm  
Torque: 410 ft/lbs@ 5200 rpm

Weight: 3280lb lbs

Quarter Mile

12.88 sec. @ 119 mph


Custom modified Ford sunrise red color paint. KammI ground effect kit with Motion Glass custom high rise rear spoiler 45 degree up rake angle. Motion Glass 3" rise cowl induction hood with "welcome home" mural painted on the underside. Mustang rear deck. Custom sun visor, dummy spot lights, head and tail light covers, red neon light kit. Etched glass. Cross shaped mirrors.


Hand made solid Walnut center council and dash panels. Denim black Flo Fit seats. Ambroyl Wood shifter knob. 750 Watt stereo system. Complete crushed velvet covered floor and side panels with crushed velvet head liner. Murals on both door panels and inside lift gate.


QA1 adjustable front coil over struts adjusted for 2 3/4" drop. 8.8" rear end with altered limited slip 3.27:1 ratio and 5 lug conversion. Rear coil springs also dropped 2 3/4". Oversize sway bars both front and rear. 96 Mustang Cobra R 4 wheel disc brake conversion from Ford Motor sports. Sub frame connectors and strut tower brace.



18" Lexani Fire Star rims with special offset.


BF Goodrich new tread design G Force.

Audio & Video

Future Mods

Who can guess? I seem to come up with different ideas on a weekly basis.

Awards & trophies

I have received many trophies but the trophy is when I find out that God has used me to help someone else.




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Public Comments

  1. Mikie 05.10.12 @ 12:52 am |

    It's something like that...I bought the truck painted as it is. I have taken it to a few body shops to figure out the kind of paint job it is. I have been told by a custom body shop that it looks like whoever painted it, painted the first layer gold then a Candy paint on top of the gold. He said after time a lot of candy paints that's sprayed on over another paint job will seep in to the other paint. Hince why my truck's paint job looks the way it does. They told me if I were to get in an accident with the truck they wouldn't be able to duplicate the paint job on my truck. I asked them how much a Candy Apple Red paint job would cost if I needed to get the truck repainted they quoted me $7,500. Hopefully I wont need to do that though Lord willing.

  2. ctwHRCCC 08.05.11 @ 3:45 pm |

    Great Ride! So used to seeing the Cobra Mustangs, it's nice to see the Mercury side represented!

  3. godprayzer1 12.04.08 @ 12:02 pm |

    Hey fellow Michigander... That car is awesome, very unique. Keep God first bro... God bless.

  4. T4CM 10.22.08 @ 3:56 pm |

    Well one of the reasons why I do not go any futher is becuase about 2 months ago someone did a hit and run while my van was parked outside the front of my house. They cause over 4G's worh of damage.(boo hoo) The whole back drive side got smashed in. The good thing is the kid was caught. The van also has seen better days, the thing is leaking trani fluid to name a few things. Thanks for the encouragement !!!

  5. T4CM 10.21.08 @ 8:58 pm |

    Gary, Thanks for the comments about my van. I have not had it Db tested. Again your car is AWESOME !! Someday I will have a cool car like that. I want to get a black mustang and do it all up ( I do not like to use the word "pimp" it all up). Also your wood working is amazing!! God has givin you some great talent. I really like the pens !!! Have a blessed day my brother. T4CM

  6. luvsgod2004 05.15.08 @ 2:22 pm |

    I would not have known about HRC3 without the help of a friend, so I enjoy meeting, keeping in contact with all of the members. What inspired your mods to the jeep?

  7. Mach One Stang 11.25.07 @ 6:32 pm |

    Hi Gary, Thanks for the nice post on my profile. Your Mustang looks really great, some nice MODs too. I am just getting started tinkering with the Mach One. God Bless, Jon

  8. jarleifv 09.14.07 @ 5:16 pm |

    Hey Gary! Nice meeting you at Birney park! I checked out your website, and I'm very impressed. You do some awesome things with wood. Are you going to Advance Auto Parts Car Show on Sunday? It's on Columbus, and I'll be there at 9am with a few of the other guys from Bay City Rides. Hope to see you there! Are you on the forum yet? I didn't check yet, but if you're not, check it out. I've been trying to pull together a Michigan chapter for a long time, and maybe now we can get something going since you're right in town anyway! :) God bless you bro, and hope to see you on Sunday!