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ltdibogetfree's 97 Mitsubishi Eclipse

97 Mitsubishi Eclipse
  • this is me and my 2005 dodge ram 1500 i stoped working on it to work on my eclipse

Vehicle Make & Model

White/black 97 Mitsubishi Eclipse   (find similar)

Engine Mods

Brand new engine with intake. headers, high flow cat, and hks tip, all upgraded parts in the motor nothing stock

Performace Stats Performance Calculator

Quarter Mile


body kit for now and working on the rest


nothing at this time still working project


lowerd the car 3in and put on a camber kit



17in white wheels


17in falken

Audio & Video

pioneer avic d2, 2 rockford fosgate t1 10's with a 2000 watt rockford amp, dvd player, viper 791, sho-me police siren, and much more comming i am a certified first class installer i use to be the head tech at best buy and now work as a tech for a ford dealer

Future Mods

Awards & trophies

lots of awards for other vehicles but this is a newbe only 4 weeks old and i have done alot and doing alot more



I am involved with a business team that teaches you how to be sucessful in life and one of the biggest things i like it the commitment to god they have taught me to serve others and god will never let me down as long as i am being a servent for him i started as a christian dj along time ago and fell off the path and tried to find my own way and found out that the only way to the truth and the the life that i wanted was through him our lord. I know how hard it is to be a christian but as long as you are serving people and doing it for the right reasons it makes thing so much easyer i am so happy to see people who care and at one time i tried to start a car club actualy two of them and they feel apart even though i was basing them on god and we would go to church as a club people where not sold out like i was to god so i quit and now i see where i was not making it in life i was sold out to customizing and not to god like i thought i was so i guess to make a long story short i am glad to see a club that loves jesus and is making it.


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