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manonfire0505's 1999 Chevy Blazer

1999 Chevy Blazer

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Silver 1999 Chevy Blazer   (find similar)

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4.3 Vortec

K&N Air Filter

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235/75/15 AT

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As a young boy, I didnt grow up in a church. My dad left me when I was 2 and my mom re-married shortly after. As a teenager i went through alot. My dad was never there for me and i had no friends. I got into drinking and smoking and thought everything was about me. In early 2000, my dad was diagnosed with cancer. Shortly after, one of my sisters was diagnosed with Chrohns disease (a serious disease witch destroyed her colon). I was left with nobody. My mom was constintly in Atlanta with my sister an my Dad was so sick, it made me cry. It got to the point where i found no reason to live. About that time my mom met a lady who went to the church im now a part of. I went a few times but i didnt like it at all. I hated that nothing was about me. My dad died in April 2001 and it left me devastated. I then began to go to church more. I began to let go and listen to people. For the next 2 years i was in and out of church. Came and went when i felt like it and was not involved at all. That changed in the summer of 2004, when a good friend of mine suggested that i go to Souled Out, a christian beach conference in PC. I went and it totally changed my life. I gave myself to God on that night (June 8th 2004) and have been working for Him ever since. Im now a youth leader for our youthand I love Jesus! God is so awesome guys and gals! Give it all to HIM!!!

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  1. jesusbeats 01.31.10 @ 11:29 pm |

    amen our god is an alsome god all we have to do beleave and call on the name of jesus and we all shall be born again love ur brother from another mother jesus beats

  2. Triple Seven 01.23.10 @ 12:11 pm |

    Kool beans bro  It's kool to hear of people getting involved in their churches.  I to know hard times and so does other christains out there. So  keep on doing what your doing and continue to reap the blessings of God!