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mkshrode's 2007 Chevy Tahoo

2007 Chevy Tahoo

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2007 Chevy Tahoo   (find similar)

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I grew up loving God, he protected me as a child from all that I went threw with my parents. My dad became a drug addict after moving here to Florida. My mother, sister and I moved away from Florida back to Ohio when he had drug dealers and other dangerous people after him. We lived a hard life in Ohio. My mother was a single mother and got involved with a man who later became dangerous and who pointed a gun at me and my sister when I was 8 years old. My sister or I were never injured by him because we had our Angels. (Thank you to my Great Grandmother and Grandmother for all their prayers.) We then moved back to Florida to have this suspose to be better life. We did get involved in church again for about a year but later to turn away and I got involved in drugs and drinking. I became addicted to cocaine and did other drugs at the age of 15, dropped out of school. Then one night when I hit bottom I prayed to God to help me change I can not change things on my own. I quit the major drugs I was doing but did not do all that I wanted. I still smoked cigerattes and drank and took some pills. I got married and we both agreed we wanted to know Christ. After fighting over what church to go to, God finally put it all together for us. Our lives are change I do not drink or smoke or take pills and have not in several years. We are members of a church and have 2 beautiful children. Well that is some of my story. Thank you

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