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My name is Chasidy. I'm single, never been married; no children, 2 nieces; i'm 25; I first accepted Jesus into my life around the age of 13 but after that my life was like a tornado. I was not raised in Church and tried to fill the void that was in my heart for many years with different things of this world ranging from drugs to men to music. I got myself in some pretty bad situations and its only because of God's grace that im alive today. Ive been through a lot. I was raised in a drug infested home always seeing people getting high and drunk starting with my mother and father. I grew up thinking it was the way to be, the way to live. I got involved with some gang members and eventually joined the gang shortly after that i witnessed a murder that shook my soul to the core. After that i had a hit out on me for a pretty good bit of money being that i was one of the only eye-witnesses and had to move. You would think that would have made me straighten up being that i almost got charged with principle to murder but it didnt. After moving my life kept spiraling out of control, most of the men i was attracted to was major drug dealers and men who liked to abuse me in more ways than one. I met one guy and we had everything we thought we ever wanted from money to clothes to cars to all the drugs we wanted to get high off of. Eventually it all came to an end on the morning of November 3rd 2009 around 4am our door came crashing down. I was awakened to see men in masks and guns in my face screaming "get your hands up" i quickly realized it was the drug task force. Me and my then boyfriend was arrested and charged with 4 felony drug charges. I found Jesus in a jail cell on my knees in Lowndes County AL on November 3rd 2009. In that freezing cold cell i cried out to Jesus and begged him to fix me, to help me fix myself. I decided that night that i would give my everything from then on to him. After being released on bond i got into a local church and went to the alter every chance i got. I joined an intense bible study program called, Mountain Movers which is 10 steps to living victoriously. It is a program for people with strongholds in their life. I continued to seek Jesus and have weekly counsel sessions with my Pastor and eventually I was delivered completely from all strongholds. I was baptized on April 18th 2010. My life hasnt been the same since Jesus came into my life, well i take that back because he has always been in my life, my life hasnt been the same since i gave my everything to him and began seeking his face with all that i have. During this time i was accepted into nursing school and even though i knew that i couldnt become a nurse with 4 felonies i kept my faith. Eventually the District Attorney contacted me and i was accepted for pre-trial diversion and my record will stay clean and i will not be going to prison. The Grand Jury had me down for atleast 3 years in prison. There is only one explanation for this freedom i have spiritually emotionally and physically and that is JESUS CHRIST. I owe it all to him not only because of what he has done in my life but because he gave his life. I was such a dirty person and God is cleaning me each and everyday, to say i love Jesus is an understatement! God is teaching me more about His beauty each day and i know i will never stop learning from Him. My ultimate goal in life is to serve my Father to the best of my ability.


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  1. WarriorOfChrist 03.05.13 @ 8:16 am |

    Amazing testimony sister!!! Very uplifting and encouraging! Keep seeking HIM and you will find HIM! God Bless,

  2. jesusbeats 08.24.10 @ 8:28 am |

    all i can say go forth telling the good news never stop praying and thanking for he has done and goind to do in ur life or god is a olsome god wen i lived in the world i did not think god wonted to call a person like me his son i done alot of bad things he called out to me one day and sayed i have let u go this far time to do something for me well at hat time i did not no that god spoke to us sinner or not i thouht i was crazy a little will later i indid u in hosptle having brain surg wen i woke up my wife gave me a book gods word for dads and on the tv creflo doller was giving the word and my mom had her pastor praying over me all at the same time well im a new man thanks to jesus all are called few a chosen we have to lorn how to take the L out of world the old man must die  for the new man or women to grow god bless thanks for shering ur testomony kip on kippin on fight the good fight of faith

  3. dean 08.20.10 @ 11:26 am |

    Congrats on the membership girlie!