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nickscionxa's 2005 Scion xA RS2.0

2005 Scion xA RS2.0
  • HolyRollerz!!!
  • My body kit finally finished
  • my interior has overhead cold cathode lighting, Dome light LED replacements, Cup holder LEDs,  Storage Box (AKA bagel toaster!) LED replacement, and front & back footwell lighting with LEDs and Neons.
  • cool effect to the vinyl
  • new colors for engine covers
  • Cold Cathode lighting in my engine bay.
  • I like blue.
  • night time at the warehouse.
  • Sportin' the Holy Rollerz.
  • My friend Nathaniel is about to be consumed in holy fire.
  • Me and my baby. all this stops when I get a girlfriend, lol.
  • I painted my interior trim panels. For a learning experience, They came out pretty good.
  • my baby at night,

Vehicle Make & Model

Blue 2005 Scion xA RS2.0   (find similar)

Engine Mods

AEM Cold Air Intake
Grounding Kit
Dress up and Cold Cathode Lighting

Performace Stats Performance Calculator

Weight: 2045 lbs

Quarter Mile


Blue LED underbody
Release Series 2.0 body mods
Fab Body Kit


All lighting rebulbed with blue LEDs..
Neon footwells and roof mounted interior neons... lighting in every orifice imaginable, lol...painted interior panels and various other parts (blue).


Vibrant Strut Tie Bar
torched springs



KMC Hotwheels 17'' black w/ machined lip



Audio & Video

Stock pioneer system with Aftermarket iPod2Car adapter

Future Mods

Anything I can afford as a musician lol.

Awards & trophies



I'm 21 as I write this and I can look back and see that it's been almost 10 years since I gave my life to Jesus. over the last 5 years, God has been using me through music to spread some good new and rattle a few heads. Recently, though, I purchased a '05 Scion xA and fell in love with it. Finally, a car I can grow old with, LOL. Well, I began to learn about modding and tuning...and before I knew it, i was obsessed! I started to lose focus on the most important thing of relationship with Christ. Now, seeing from the outside, I know that this car I love so much is temporary and will waste away. Its a good thing, but not the GREAT thing, you know? Priorities adjusted, I now am a full time musician with barely enough money to pay for my car, but I have everything I need...And God's grace has given me discernment to see a ministy in my love for tuners as well. God Bless!


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Public Comments

  1. WarriorOfChrist 04.23.08 @ 10:42 am |

    Sweet lighting! Once I get the new pics of my STi loaded you gotta check them out. I too am a lighting junkie, you should check out - you'll fall in love with them (as I did ;o) God Bless, W-O-C

  2. brian 04.21.08 @ 10:28 am |

    Hey Nick, that's gotta be the hottest xA i've seen. Thanks for representing the club.