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ptmike02's 2005 chevrolet colorado

2005 chevrolet colorado

Vehicle Make & Model

black 2005 chevrolet colorado   (find similar)

Engine Mods

borla exhaust with z28 tips, AEM brute force intake.

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Quarter Mile


billet grill and emblem, spray in bedliner, undercover bedcover.



djm 4 in drop



20" Alba



Audio & Video


Future Mods

Awards & trophies

my awards are waiting in heaven.



I've pretty much been in church all my life. I havent always lived the christian life, as alot of do, i fell into alot of worldly things. I am saved and ready to go when my time comes. i have been through alot in my life and God has been right with me every step of the way. I give him all the honor and Glory for everything i am and have in my life. thanks to my parents for always making me go to church when i didnt want to go. without them i wouldnt be what i am today. God has blessed me with the most amazing lady to be with. she is by far one of the best things that have ever happened in my life. God always comes through at the right time. just be patient and wait on the Lord to work.


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  1. demonslaughter 08.21.09 @ 7:59 pm |

    What air bag kit do you have on the pt cruiser? im looking for one for mine but cant deside.

  2. HansV1973 05.07.09 @ 10:10 am |

    Hey Mike,

         I was just looking at your pictures, I am a bit confused, lol. The Chevrolete Colorado you have looks ok and all, but man it's almost a dead ringer for a freakin PT Cruiser, lol. Now I mean no offense, I'm just not a big fan of the PT Cruisers. Some of these newer cars are looking way too much alike. I really want a 1968 Camero myself, yes old school muscle baby! Lol. My van has a way to go befor I got all I want done to it. I plan to have Lambo doors on the front, new paint ( still white, lol ) w/ some graphics. A full size spare w/ matching rim. Two 12 & two 10 inch subs w/ two more amps like the one I got now, I love it. It's a Pyramid amp 3000 watt max and 2000 watt RMS. I am running with two Power Acoustik Fubar 15"s each 1000 watts RMS,  I have them and my amp bridged. My stereo is a Pioneer that I bought at Wal-Mart, but it rocks. I also have 4- AudioBahn 6 1/2's in my front doors and rear hatch. I use to have all AudioBahn, lol. I had a Pioneer stereo still ( different one ), and 2- AudioBahn 12" Alum series Subs 1000 watts RMS each and bridged w/ a Lanzar amp 4000 watts max and 2000 watts RMS. And a Capacitor, plus the AudioBahn 6 1/2's. But all was stolen at the hospital when my baby girl was born, lucky it was all mounted, and I have full coverage, lol. They gave me enough to replace it all, I upgraded a bit. I just got too good of a deal with those 15's, $99.99 each, lol. They retail much higher. I really like you Hydrolics, I think I would like that as well. How much did it cost ya? Well, I'll let ya go, I've ran at the mouth for far too long here, lol. Later dude.