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rebel316's 93 Mitsubishi Eclipse

93 Mitsubishi Eclipse

Vehicle Make & Model

black 93 Mitsubishi Eclipse   (find similar)

Engine Mods

nothing too major. I put in a new purolater air filter and did i complete tune-up. Plan on doing a complete overhaul before i begin to increase my horse power.

Performace Stats Performance Calculator

Quarter Mile


bumper sticker which reads "Real men love Jesus." Tribal decal on front windshield, barb wire license plate border. Silver cross on the hood with a silioute background.


Tribal steering wheel cover, tribal seat covers.





Audio & Video

Sony Explode cdx- R3000.

Future Mods

Awards & trophies



I'm not sure where to begin but I'll start with praising our Lord Jesus who follows us when we run away and embraces us when we return. I wasn't brought up in a christian environment but i was exposed to christianity due to my father and family friend's faith. I always considered myself a loner and during my teen years i experienced extreme loneliness. I did my time in mental institutions and attempted suicide many times. I didn't really get woken up as to where i was heading until I was kicked out of my parents' home 2 months after graduation. I bounced around and lived in numerous places and had to struggle just to stay alive. Jesus was there all along but i just wasn't aware. God made himself known to me in a defining way at a new year's party 2 years ago. He began to tug at my heart over the course of a few months before the new year, with the witnessing of a dear friend whom I love dearly, and her prayers and the prayers of others. I kept trying to change my outside in hopes of that defining the new me, but God made me realize that I needed to start from the inside. At the party I did my usual drinking and dancing and acting a fool, but God was moving that whole night. During the fireworks I saw my ex-girlfriend standing by the pool looking as beautiful as she has ever looked, and I wanted so badly to reconcile with her, and thats when I believe God made his final move, because He opened my eyes to the fact that I was in need of higher love and salvation and forgiveness and change. I made that change a few weeks later on a cool sunday morning, Jan 12, 2003. That morning I had a strange desire to go to this church that I knew about, so I did, and when the pastor called for the altar to be open for anyone needing Jesus and the Father's forgiveness, after about 10 minutes of standing there shaking, I walked to the altar, laid myself at Jesus's feet, and became a new creation. Praise be to the self-less savior Jesus!!!

Our Lord has brought me back home and has given me blessings that I do not deserve. I have a stable-good paying job, an awesome car, and love that I never knew existed.

If you want my complete testimony than e-mail me. God Bless

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  1. superdavefv 03.16.08 @ 10:25 pm |

    Hey man , My name is David. Me and two brothers in The Faith are in the process of starting a Raleigh. Hit me up if you might be interested!