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I heard a guest preacher speak at our Ohio church back when I was 13 in 1960;
he said if I rejected Jesus by by accepting Him at the altar that day, my heart would become hard & calloused. I was sitting in the back of the church with my Sunday school buddies trying to hide the hot tears of conviction that the Holy Spirit had running down my cheeks as I knew this day was the day I needed to kneel at that altar and ask for salvation. But peer pressure won that day as I didn't want my friends to know I had not been a "believer" all those Sunday School years. It was
13 years later after 4 years drafted into USArmy during Vietnam War that I was finishing college after trying to believe in evolution, which was impossible, that I submitted, while reading "The Last Great Planet Earth", in prayer to Our Lord & Saviour Jesus forevermore! What a glorious encounter! Never closed a eye all night and all day and all night again! The Word jumped alive from the Bible! I called my godly Grandmother in Ohio from San Antonio & thanked her for all her fervent prayers as well as my Mother. Glory to God what a Wonderful Lord! The best day of my life; thank you Jesus for your precious blood! Jesus is alive & well forevermore!!

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  1. Kim 04.29.10 @ 8:20 am |

    Welcome to HRC3! We hope you enjoy your time with us! We look forward to getting to know you and seeing you on the forums. If you need anything, or have a question, Please send me a PM!

    God Bless  ~ Kim Wood - HRC3 First Lady