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ridin4deep's 2002 Pontiac Grand Am Se

2002 Pontiac Grand Am Se

Vehicle Make & Model

Gold 2002 Pontiac Grand Am Se   (find similar)

Engine Mods

weapon-r intake , pacesetter headers and exhaust

Performace Stats Performance Calculator

Quarter Mile









22x8 status chrome wheels


235/30/22 toyo proxis

Audio & Video

1 yellow top optima battery, Pioneer Z2 dvd/nav/touchscreen head unit , audiobahn eq, 2 JL Audio 300/2, 1 JL Audio 500/1, 4 JL Audio XR component sets, 3 JL Audio 13 W1's

Future Mods

Custom paint job, redo system, work on motor

Awards & trophies


HolyRollerz Orlando


My name is Jason. I grew up in the church and went to a christian school, but never really took God seriously and thought that i would always have enough time to get my life right with Him. I had always enjoyed going to church but never used it as a place of worship but more as a place of a social gathering with friends. He blessed me with giving me a brother unlike any other. My brother was born with cerebral palsey and down syndrome, basically handicapped. He could neither walk nor talk, and couldnt do anything for himself. The doctors said he wasnt supposed to live more than 24 hours, little did they know he would live to be almost 15 yrs old. When he had passed I knew he was in a much better place but having him in my life opened up my eyes to a whole other world of people and circumstances and how to overcome obstacles. I renewed my life to Christ shortly after his passing, but it didnt take long for me to get sidetracked on a different path. I had never really had a church that I had felt I actually belonged til my neighbors introduced me to theirs. I thank God for my neighbors who never gave up on me and always invited me to the church that I am currently a member of. I am now a proud husband and father to my wife, Adrian, and my little boy, Riley. I thank God for giving me the family I could only dream about. I love them both with all my heart.


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Public Comments

  1. Hater Prewf 05.18.11 @ 11:33 pm |


  2. warrior777 03.08.10 @ 3:36 pm |

    Bro nice  Pontiac Grand Am Se I also like your testimony to as well very moving and very deep ..Kepp on serving him and he well bless you more and more

  3. 1accord 04.01.09 @ 1:34 pm |

    Good to see you in Dublin. Again we appreciate you coming up and supporting us.

  4. rx7x70 01.31.09 @ 11:08 am |

    nice sound system


  5. skiendog 03.08.08 @ 2:00 pm |

    so glad to have you and your crew here!! i cant wait to be able to come down and visit you guys! ..sure is nice to see some more luxury cars in the club ;) nice system!