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souldout's 2004 Hyundai Santa Fe

My New Ride
My wife and I have a baby on the way, so I had to get rid of the truck and we got this. Not sure if anything is going to be done to it...
  • My old Mazda 3
  • My new family ride - Hyundai Santa Fe
  • My old Isuzu I-280

Vehicle Make & Model

White 2004 Hyundai Santa Fe   (find similar)

Engine Mods

Performace Stats Performance Calculator

HP: 173 bhp @ 6000 rpm  
Torque: 182 ft/lbs@ 4000 rpm

Weight: 3549 lbs

Quarter Mile

17 sec. @ 81 mph


Tinted Tail Lights






Audio & Video

Future Mods

In-dash DVD Player
New speakers, sub, and amp
Tinted windows
Flowmaster Exhaust
Tinted Taillights/Headlights
Grille Guard
Nerf Bars
possibly some new wheels

Awards & trophies



I am 27 years old, and newly married as of March 14, 2008.
We are expecting our first child (a baby girl) in October 2009.
I have grown up in church all my life. I got saved in October of 1989 at the age of 7.
My wife and I are Sunday School teachers in our churches youth department, and also work as actors in our Kid Stuf production for our young children. I coach Upward basketball, and she coaches cheerleading. We go to Hillcrest Baptist Church in Jacksonville, FL. And I love fishing -


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  1. david07 11.06.07 @ 4:25 pm |

    hey man nice testemony,i really like the end Get RIGHT, GET GOD, GET SOLD OUT, BUT WHAT DOES GET SOLD OUT MEAN?