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squrelbate's 1984 Mercedes 300D

1984 Mercedes 300D

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Red 1984 Mercedes 300D   (find similar)

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1993 Cadillac Deville

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My full name is Hamilton Grant McCaleb. I have lived in Atlanta since I was born. My parents enrolled me in Sunday school at Trinity Prebyterian Church of Atlanta from an early age. In sixth grade, I joined the youth group with my brother there. I had always heard of the many trips and great times that the youth group had going to Mexico, DC, and various other places to help others build houses, strive for salvation, and improve their overall lives. I joined just a couple of months after a great youth director left the church. A new person replaced his position but it just wasn't what I had heard about. I heard about all of these great times but they suddenly seemed to vanish when our new new director came in. I was dissappointed and stopped going to church due to just not have fun. After she moved away from Atlanta, John Ryan became the new youth director. He noticed that the youth group was not just a group, but he saw me for who I am and what I was. He actually invited me to a "mandatory" Mexican lunch to talk it all over and we discussed it and I realized that all of me questions and uncertainties about my faith weren't because I was not a good Christian, but because I was just human. We've met a few times alone out at lunch since then to discuss what I believe and who I am. It is then that I discovered who I am and what I believe. I believe that the God I worship is the one and only God to exist. I believe that 2000+ years ago he sent his son, Jesus Christ to show a guidance path for people and to die and desend into hell to forgive sins. He rose again three days later on Earth and later ascended into heaven. The questions that i still would like to answer though are things such as how old the earth really is, did God create evolution in order to create man, and what has been lost in the translations of the Bible of the years. I also seem to question things like the ages of people in the Bible and whether or not that was just another specific lost in time. I call myself a Christian even though I have so many questions about my faith that I am just fine with only knowing that I can't know it all. I have already given God all that I feel is truely important in my life. I do not feel that death scares me as much as it use to because of not having all of this to lose.


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  1. bbwolf 04.14.08 @ 8:47 pm |

    Welcome to your new home on the net.

  2. Kim 04.14.08 @ 8:32 am |

    Welcome Hamilton!! It was nice seeing you this weekend! ~~Kim