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theleastofthese's 93 Mazda mx-6

Mazda mx-6 ls

Vehicle Make & Model

red 93 Mazda mx-6   (find similar)

Engine Mods

mostly bolt ons ;)

K&N Intake

Performace Stats Performance Calculator

HP: 170 whp   

Quarter Mile


aftermarket headlight housing with 6k HID halo lights
tribal wave painted down passenger side
blacked out tailights
holy rollerz tag front and back


red silk brocade w/ black cherry tree blossoms for door panel inserts and center console.
Dash components painted red.
red/black hybrid racing seats w/ 4 point harness
short throw shifter w carbon fiber knob
radar detector. a must have


polyurethane control arm bushings
rx-7 strut bar
majority of suspension replaced
Tokico performance shocks/struts


hi-flo cat
2.5" catback
hi-flo magnaflow muffler w/ chrome tip



Audio & Video

Future Mods


Awards & trophies



allow me to introduce myself.

i drive a 93 mazda mx-6 ls. my brother bought her about four years ago and we started working on her together. when he joined the army he gave her to me and would not except payment, but rather insisted that i finish the work we had begun. still a long way to go.

as my God story indicates briefly, cars have always been a major part of my life. Before Christ pulled me from the destructive path i set myself on, i spent several years in the illegal race scene. this lead to exponentially increasing trouble with the law, driving me to further modify my cars with the intention of outrunning the cops. I rarely had insurance. i would use stolen license plates so the cops couldnt trace me when I outran em. my license has been suspended more times than i can count. Finally i hit the wall, praise God! The car scene was instrumental in developing me into who I am, and in bringing me to my knees before God.

For the past year i've been thinking on how I can redeem this part of who I am for His glory. As such I have dubbed my mazda "project Re-Formed". its not just a car. its symbolic of me. she is old, abused, broken, and overtaxed. but i can build her into something strong, something beautiful, something better than she ever was before.
my life is broken, my body abused, my heart overtaxed. But Christ is building me into something beautiful, something strong, something better than i've ever been.
We are Project RE-Formed. I have decided to use the mazda has a ministry tool in the local car scene. As i continue to work on her, in the relationships i am building with other enthusiasts, with parts suppliers and shop owners, i strive to share the love and grace and saving power of Christ.

I have plans for putting the latin motto for the reformation in the paint scheme: sola Scriptura/scripture alone, solus Christus/Christ alone, sola gratia/ grace alone, sola fide/faith alone, and soli Deo gloria/ glory to God alone. In addition to this, i intend to include some verses (dunno which yet) and the stylized re-formed graphics i've been working on, as well as a cross somewhere in the mix.

I no longer street race, and when challenged as to why, i take the opportunity to share my faith and what that means as far as submitting to authority, etc. I only participate in legal racing now. and not much as of yet cause the mazdas not ready. But i am present in the local car scene.


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