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trace's 2005 Dodge crew cab 1500

Daily Driver

Vehicle Make & Model

Red 2005 Dodge crew cab 1500   (find similar)

Engine Mods

Performace Stats Performance Calculator

HP: 215 @ 5200 rpm  
Torque: 235 ft/lbs@ 4000 rpm

Weight: 6650 lbs

Quarter Mile







Audio & Video

1-12" sub with 300 watt amp bridged, more to come

Future Mods

Rims and Tires, 2 10" subs, all new seperates in doors, 2 amps, dvd/navigation head units, 2 headrest mounted monitors

Awards & trophies



I'm gonna share a lil something with ya, hope it is a blessing to you. I was in an accident 09 January 2003, I wasnt expected to live, I wasnt right with God, and shouldnt have lived. I had a 7" fracture to my skull, broke my jaw, broke my neck in 3 places, my back in 1, broke a couple ribs, punctured my liver and spleen, and have 3rd degree burns/abrassions on 20% of my body. I almost died on the way to the hospital, they sent me to another hospital. I spent 1 month there. The first few days, they told my wife to make arrangements, because I wouldnt make it. My family, and friends, and blessed people that I dont even know prayed. after those few days, the Drs said I would never move from my neck down again, and again all those Blessed people prayed, a week later, the Drs said I would never walk again, and again the people prayed, well about this time, at arround 3 weeks was the first thing I remember, I knew what had happened to me, but didnt remember the accident, or the pain. I remember with those first thoughts how I gave myself 100% to God, I remember thinking that if God did this for me, He must have a plan for me, and I gave my life to him, ministering to people online, I did not intend to do that, all I intended to do was to follow Christ, and that is where he led me at that time. well, 1 month to the day that I went into the hospital, I walked out on my own 2 feet, or at least thats what I thought at the time, what I did not realize was that my Lord and Savior was carrying me. Well, before I got hurt, I was working 80+ hrs a week, and barely supporting my family. On workers comp, I got 80% of my base pay, so 80% of half of what I had been working, and barely making ends meet. I spent 2 years in therapy. All my bills was paid, My freezer and fridge stayed packed, ALL of my needs was met, I had no worries. Now for a lesson, once I could do for myself again, I thought I didnt need God as much. I still went to church, and actually started leading a youth group, so I thought I was doing good. But instead of giving 100% to God, maybe it was 80%, then I decided I couldnt continue on like I was, that my family needed more, so I took a job, and moved here to Texas, and now the money was there, but it was never enough. I now make 3 times what I made in Alabama, and there just is never enough, well I am kind of imbarressed, I get to looking, and now me and my family are giving maybe 10% to God, we go to church on holidays, and special occassions, but thats all.well guess what? That old devil, he's happy, he has me back, I thought I was living good, but I forgot about God, I forgot where my strength had come from. Well, now the devil has me, and doesnt want to let go. I got my family to start going to church, I went when I was in off the road, was talking about finding places to visit when on the road. The devil through up a road block. That devil convinced my wife that she should leave me, and she did.This is where I am in my life now. I am going through a divorce, and trying to do everything right for my children. I am giving everything to God, and as always He takes care of me, even though I am so unworthy. "Our God is an awesome God"

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  1. Kim 01.19.11 @ 10:08 am |

    You will get a link to pay when your application is approved! Thanks, Kim

  2. Kim 01.19.11 @ 8:23 am |

    Welcome to HRC3! We hope you enjoy your time with us! We look forward to getting to know you and seeing you on the forums. If you need anything, or have a question, Please send me a PM!

    God Bless  ~ Kim Wood - HRC3 First Lady