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douliss1's 2008 Dodge SRT-4

SRT-4 Caliber
SRT-4 Do I need to say more?
  • My car is on the left, then Michaels truck, and Kellys car
  • Us in front of our cars
  • Part of the H-town Chapter
  • Hayubusa
  • Glorywings

Vehicle Make & Model

Black 2008 Dodge SRT-4   (find similar)

Engine Mods


Performace Stats Performance Calculator

HP: 301 whp @ 4500 rpm  
Torque: 285 ft/lbs@ 3000 rpm

Quarter Mile

14.45 sec. @ 101 mph



Red Dome lights



MPX 2" exhaust from cat Back
Mopar Blow off valve
Mopar K&N filter package
More to come


19" SRT


Goodyear F1's

Audio & Video

10" Kicker

Future Mods

Black headlights and led taillights blacked out
Stage 1 upgrade

Awards & trophies



I have recently started to understand that my money is not my money. My money is the money the lord has aloud me to have. I also realize that god talks to me daily and the more I listen the more I understand that I am Just a babe in my faith. I will continue to grow until the day Jesus takes me home. The other thing I have learned is that God puts you where he needs you to be not where you want to be. he knows what is the best for you and for others around you.

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Public Comments

  1. jojohouston 05.15.11 @ 8:09 pm |

    Bro ur Caliber was a very nice ride.

  2. TX_SnowMan 08.12.09 @ 1:18 pm |

    I would like to get info on joining the Houston Chapter. I live in Nassau Bay (Clear Lake).

  3. CaddyDaddy 04.14.09 @ 12:00 pm |

    I would like to get info on joining the Houston Chapter. I live in Spring.

  4. DJ Real 01.08.09 @ 11:29 am |

    Doug, hey man. Sorry I never caught up with you guys. It was of course busy as I suspected visiting all the family and whatnot for the first few days, and then my car actually ended up going down pretty hard Christmas Eve. I was driving out to Humble, and my car just began pouring smoke from the hood. Had it towed to one of my grandparents houses who live over on Navigation, and we spent the next few days trying to figure out what was going on. It took us about 3 days to get it, as we assumed the water pump might have gone, but after some thorough research found a small simple fuse was bad inside the battery causing my radiator fans to not kick on. A great blessing and Christmas present as it saved me from spending over $1k (as we were looking at having the water pump and entire timing belt system changed since it's all connected and about time for it anyways). So after those days, we were here for like one more, and we went to the Rockets game, then left that morning. My girl and I are planning a personal trip this coming summer, so maybe we'll try again.

  5. DJ Real 12.19.08 @ 9:18 am |

    Doug, nice Intrepid good Sir, and great testimony as well. I believe just as you that God puts you right where he needs you, although we can fight that, things will tend to not go our way if that is the case. What I've experienced lately in my seperation away from the club has shown me that first hand.
    On the flip, I too used to have an Intrepid a few cars and years back. It was '96, and forest green. Pretty much my first car. It had 17" Enkei Shoguns, chip reflash, Magnaflow exhaust (nice deep tone off the v6). It was a great car but had a lot of transmission problems and was about to go in the shop again until it was totaled in 5 car pileup, with the Intrepid being in the middle of those cars. Beautiful rainy days. haha. Keep representing for that Houston Chapter. Acually if any of you guys are in town this coming week I am heading into Houston to visit extended relatives, maybe I can meet some of you, get to know the H-Town crew.

    JReal Oh yeah, here is an old photo I found of the Intrepid, before I knew how to take pictures that well. haha