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Joe Johnson's 1995 Nissan 240sx

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I was brought up in a "christian lifestyle". I knew of GOD but never really understood him. I went to a christian school from pre-k untill the 6th grade. Once I was placed in public school w/o any christian guidance i was running wild.

Growing up in NYC I had been through it all, getting high, being jumped, robbed at gunpoint, shot at, ect.. I use to always tell myself I was hear on this earth for a purpose. I couldn't have escaped all these crazy events unscathed if I wasnt.

Fast foward to 2000... I relocated to Roswell GA because my parents moved from NYC to ATL. (1997-98) Now I was in a totally different atmosphere. Life in suburbia was WAAAAYY different than Brooklyn NY. I hated it at first, but little did I know it was all part of my Heavenly Fathers master plan.

Still w/ the same worldy habits of women/drugs continued on in Roswell GA. (it's funny how "Little D" is everywhere) One night at a party right after christmas I was wasted.. me, and three other friends were inside a explorer in front of the house party smoking. I had just finished off a 1/2 of a bottle of bacardi when something told me to get out of the suv. I got out and sat in my friends exercize room in the dark because I was so high. While sitting there in a voice as clear as if someone was sitting in the room said,

"If you continue on doing what you are doing you don't want to know the consequence."

That scared the you know what out of me... I stayed in the room untill I sobered up left and went home. From that day I never smoked again.

During all that time I was in college in Miami so you know what was going on. I came to NYC for a suprise party for my grandmother. At the party, my sister told me of an ex-entertainer named MA$E who had given his life to GOD and now became a pastor of a church in ATL. I only had 3 months left of school in Miami so when I got back home I told her I would check it out. The first time I went I really dont remember, but the third time I do. It was at a bible study. Pastor Betha was delivering the word form Romans 12:1 "Renew your mind".

I thought to myself.. WOW that can be done? I can actually rid my mind of these sick and twisted memories and start over fresh? Man what a word that was... Than was in late May 2002. June 3rd 2002 I gave my life to Jesus.

Now i'm a member at and a follower of christ.


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  1. Hater Prewf 04.23.11 @ 10:17 pm |

    Paitientlly waiting to become a member of the Holy Rollerz... I'm ready and willing to spread God's word all over.. To reach out to a lost generation and lead them to Christ through Car Customization... To relate their life to a broke down hoopty and make them understand... they've fallen slaves to the Devil's sinfull booty...To pride and idolism...They've lost their soul and God's wisdom... which through God's grace when Jesus was risen...he took our Sins and Free'd us from within... for when we give our life to him.. our life will not be Dark and Dim... So when I become a member... I will always remember... Where I stand.. In God's new plan of a Reborn life... Blessed by the Words of CHRIST!!!

  2. Hater Prewf 04.19.11 @ 10:25 pm |

    Wuts GoOD... My name is Pablo Oliveri and I just wanted to know how my membership application was turning out? I finished my application on the 7th of april or so and have been paitientlly waiting for a response of some sort... I would love to be part of such a powerfull urban holy wittness... to join in fellowship with others and grow with god and develop strong relationships with other followers of christ. To be able to feel safe and be around others in a non- society judgemental setting.... To be at peace with my self and enjoy life to the fullest with others with the same intrest and outlook towards life and oour Lord. So with that all being said if you could get back to me with any info or help that would be greatlly appreciated. Thanks for your time on this matter.... God Bless!

  3. brian 01.13.11 @ 11:43 am |

    where's the new ride man?

  4. brian 08.14.09 @ 8:27 pm |

    nice to see the Goat on here.  Did you know you can make multiple garage bays for all your previous cars?  Check out mine:

  5. brian 07.20.09 @ 9:43 pm |

    Hello?  Where's the pics of the GTO?

  6. Road Block 03.03.09 @ 7:28 am |

    Congrats on getting married!!!!!!!!!!!! I got the email. I'm very happy for you both.

  7. Keith 08.05.08 @ 9:30 am |

    Great testimony!  I can identify with all of it especialy the part about hearing that vioce CLEARLY say that I'd better change or else!!

    I see that you plan on coming to the Raleigh event, we need to get a head count and when everyone plans on getting hear and how long thay will be staying. My wife and I have room for 4. We have 3 cats, if that would be an issue for anyone.

  8. Brainwavezz 07.22.08 @ 6:05 pm |

    Thanks Joe, I really like the G.  The wife and I miss the fun SUV-like events and things we used to be able to do in the V, but at the same time, we are loving the G!  The G is surprisingly practical too!

  9. brian 09.04.07 @ 11:35 pm |

    where did you find Eibach Sway Bars? Also, can you send me the link for the HID kit?

  10. brian 08.31.07 @ 7:53 pm |

    it's about time