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Zoned's 2002 Yamaha R6

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Red 2002 Yamaha R6   (find similar)

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I've been very happily married to my high school sweetheart, Toni, for ten years. Toni and I have been blessed with two wonderful children. Our oldest, Kylie, is 8 years old. Kylie is definitely a daddy's little girl. She loves to swim, go to amusement parks, jump rope and most importantly she has a huge heart for the Lord. Our youngest, Kody, is 2 years old. Kody loves boats, four wheelers, trucks and hot air balloons!

I truly am blessed to have such a wonderful family. I give all the thanks to God for all He has done for us. Toni and I are relatively new converts as we gave our lives to Him in December of 2007. Since that day, God has poured His blessing out onto us time after time. It never fails to amaze me how He is always there ready to pour out a blessing when I need it the most! Toni and I have served in our church as youth leaders, nursery workers and I've been involved with the media and sound ministry. Currently, Toni and I are teaching 1st through 6th graders on Wednesday nights. Working with the children has been such a blessing!

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  1. Hater Prewf 05.05.11 @ 9:35 pm |

    Dang Bro I have to say U def have one clean mini truck and self made even better! I got me a Hardbody at the house I notched to do the same setup u rollin! Only i'm a Juice fan myself lol.... Nice ride tho all in all!

  2. Kim 01.06.11 @ 8:19 am |

    You should hear back on your application with in a week, normally.

  3. brian 01.05.11 @ 4:37 pm |

    we have a possible solution for our decal vendor, but haven't finalized anything yet.  Can you give me contact info for your guy?  Email me at

  4. Kim 11.29.10 @ 10:04 am |

    Welcome to HRC3! We hope you enjoy your time with us! We look forward to getting to know you and seeing you on the forums. If you need anything, or have a question, Please send me a PM!

    God Bless  ~ Kim Wood - HRC3 First Lady